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Vacancy: Physician-epidemiologist

This vacancy has been advertised by the Flemish Government.  width=

Do you, as a physician-epidemiologist, want to advise the Flemish policy makers in the further development of the Flemish health policy? Can you easily translate complex material into an understandable text or article? Do you get satisfaction from interpreting health data and making connections? Then this job is for you!

As physician-epidemiologist you will perform analyses on health data, draw conclusions and formulate recommendations for policy makers. You will conduct scientific research and write articles about your results. You support the coding team (causes of death) that is jointly responsible for the statistical analyses of the available mortality data. You will proactively work with the data and determine research questions, look for links, trends, correlations, patterns, possible causality, … Consequently, an unusual cause of death in a particular region does not go unnoticed under your supervision. You focus not only on birth rates, mortality rates, hospital data, cancer registration data and diagnoses from primary care, but also include in your analyses other parameters such as socio-economic variables and environmental variables, …

In this job you will regularly receive questions from parliament and the cabinet. You know how to answer these questions using a concrete statistical approach which you then translate into a scientifically based and understandable conclusion which policy makers can use.

Finally, you help the Agency for Care and Health to be better prepared for pandemics such as Covid-19 and you represent the Flemish Government to the outside world. You are the spokesperson when it comes to cause of death statistics and other health figures in both national and international consultations and have a strong sense of responsibility. You trust your knowledge and skills and know how to convey them to others.

Interested? Then apply now through this link.

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