VvE Awards

The Netherlands Epidemiology Society (VvE) awards five prizes every year:

De VvE Achievement Award
De VvE Publication Award for Junior Researchers
De VvE Student Award 
De VvE Oral Presentation Award
De VvE Poster Award 

VvE Achievement Award

Since 2014, the VvE presents the VvE Achievement Award to an international scientist who plays an important role in the field of epidemiology. The VvE Achievement Award will be presented by the Chairman of the VvE based on the recommendation of the WEON organization committee.

VvE Publication Award for Junior Researchers

The VvE Publication Award is intended for the best epidemiological publication written by a junior researcher. The deadline for submitting the published or accepted manuscript for the VvE Publication Award 2020 is: February 16, 2020.

For more information:

VvE Student Award

The VvE Student Award is a prize for an epidemiology student (Bachler or Masters) who performed a major in epidemiology. 

The deadline to apply for the Student Award and the submission of the application form is equal to the deadline of the WEON abstracts. For more information:

VvE Oral Presentation Award

The VvE Oral Presentation Award is given to a candidate who gave the best oral presentation during one of the parallel sessions of WEON2020. Candidates are nominated for the VvE Oral Presentation Award based on the following criteria:
1. the candidate is first author of the abstract,
2. the candidate will give the oral presentation,
3. the abstract is selected for an oral presentation.

Abstracts on a methodological topic, in particular, have a higher chance for nomination. Candidates will be informed about their nomination for this award by the WEON2020 organization committee before May 1st, 2020. For more information:

VvE Poster Award

The VvE Poster Award is given to a candidate who presented the best poster during one of the poster sessions of the WEON.