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Working Communities of the VvE

A VvE working communitie is a group of epidemiologists engaged in epidemiological research, education and/or connecting the epidemiological community within a specific field. Examples include working communities engaged in epidemiological research on cardiovascular disease or cancer. A VvE working communitie is distinguished from a Special Interest Group (which has a duration of up to two years) by its ongoing activities.

The Society for Epidemiology supports working communities by increasing visibility. It does this by providing space on the website, where information about the working community can be found, and by posting announcements of the working community on the VvE LinkedIn page and in newsletters. In doing so, the VvE raises awareness of the respective working community and connects epidemiologists in the same fields.

Are you a member, or president of a working community, and would you also like to join the VvE? Please contact us.

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