Epidemiologists (or those interested in epidemiology) can become members of the VvE in their personal capacity. The VvE offers a platform for epidemiologists who care about the field of epidemiology. Membership runs per calendar year and amounts to € 65,- per year. For students (full-time initial education) a special rate of € 25,- per year applies.

Membership benefits

The VvE organises several meetings a year. The meetings focus on specific themes. In addition to the transfer of knowledge, the VvE believes it is also important to provide opportunities for networking during the meetings. As a member you can participate in these activities for free or at a discount.

The VvE offers members a platform for the exchange of knowledge. On the closed section of the VvE website (only accessible to VvE members), for example, extensive documentation can be found on all kinds of methodological subjects.

The VvE likes to keep its members informed of developments within the field. VvE members receive a digital newsletter. In addition, once a year the VvE publishes an extensive newsletter that focuses on a specific theme.

Members of the Society receive a discount on the registration fees as Epidemiologist A and Epidemiologist B.

Actively working for the VvE

Without members and active members the VvE cannot exist. The VvE currently has 57 members who are actively (voluntarily) working for the VvE. Partly due to their active commitment, the VvE is able to work hard to guarantee quality within the field of Epidemiology.

Are you a member and do you want to be actively involved in the VvE? Please contact the VvE secretariat. We are also happy to answer your questions.