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Information on registration fees

Candidates who have submitted a registration application will receive an invoice for the registration fee. The registration fee must be transferred to the VvE within the specified period.

The registration fee must also be paid on proposed applications. The registration fee is a one-time fee.

If the registration fee has not been paid before the relevant CTB meeting, the application will not be discussed. The amounts apply regardless of the outcome of the registration application.

Non-members may become members of the association to qualify for the reduction in registration fees. However, the candidate must remain a member of the association for at least 2 years.

The cost of registration as an Epidemiologist B includes the fees payable to the SMBWO. These costs will be transferred to the SMBWO by the VvE.

If a candidate is already registered as Epidemiologist A and applies for registration as Epidemiologist B, the applicable Epidemiologist B registration fee must be transferred in full.

If a candidate withdraws his/her application for registration as an Epidemiologist B, only the SMBWO fee will be refunded to the candidate (€85,-).

Costs voor VvE members
Registration A


Registration B


Costs for non members
Registration A


Registration B


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