The General Board consists of 13 members and is responsible for the state of affairs within the VvE. Board members may only participate in the AB as natural persons. The composition of the AB shall be based on a thorough spread in terms of geography, discipline and function.

Board members take office in the AB for a term of 3 years. A board member can have a maximum of 3 terms of office (i.e. a maximum of 9 years as a board member). According to the articles of association, a fourth term is possible if there is an overlap with the position of chairman or DB member in the fourth term or if the expertise of a board member is important to the board.

The executive board is formed from the AB. The DB consists of four members: a chairman, secretary, treasurer and a retiring or incoming chairman. The term of the Presidency is two years. The President is also a member of the DB for one year before and one year after his or her term of office.

The AB draws up a policy plan every 5 years. Based on the policy plan, the 3 spearheads of the VvE draw up an annual work plan.


Members of the Executive Board

Tessel Galesloot (treasurer)
Rolf Groenwold (chairman)
Dorien Kimenai (secretary)
Nynke Smidt (outgoing chairman)

Members of the General Management

Michiel de Boer
Silvan Licher
Marissa van Maaren
Charlotte Onland-Moret
Frits van Osch
Iris van Rooij
Leo van Rossum
Bart Torensma
Maud Verhoef-Jurgens