Pre conferences / WEON

Pre conferences

The VvE organises a number of pre-conferences prior to the WEON. The themes of the pre-conferences are topical and specifically aimed at certain target groups, such as public health epidemiology or epidemiology education.

On June 2, 2021, the following online pre-conferences will be held (the pre-conferences are offered by the VvE at no cost to WEON participants):


The epidemiological congress has been organised annually since 1979. This congress offers (young) epidemiologists the opportunity to present and discuss the results of their research on a national level. The WEON also offers space for networking.


Accounting for missing data in statistical analyses


Organization: Rolf Groenwold, LUMC (VvE spearhead group Causality)

How to create impact with your research in an online society?


Organization: VvE working group Junior Epidemiologists

WEON 2021
3 and 4 June 2021
Theme "Science in an Online Society"

For more information see:

Towards causality in environmental epidemiology

13:30h - 15:30h

Organization: Famke Mölenberg (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Frank van Lenthe (Erasmus MC Rotterdam), Carel-Peter van Erpecum (UMC Groningen), Jeroen Lakerveld (Amsterdam UMC)

Teaching Epidemiology in an Online Society


Organization: Iris van Rooij (VvE spearhead group Education), Rolf Groenwold (VvE spearhead group Education), Michiel de Boer (VvE spearhead group Education), Femmie de Vegt (Radboudumc), Noha El-Baz (UMCG)

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