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Call VvE Publication Award Junior Researcher 2022

The Netherlands Society for Epidemiology annually awards five prizes during the WEON, including the VvE Publication Award. This award is for the best epidemiological publication by a junior researcher!

The following conditions apply to the submission of a publication:

  • the researcher is the first author of the manuscript that is published or accepted in a peer reviewed journal;
  • the article was published, in print, or accepted in the calendar year (i.e., 2021) prior to the WEON;
  • each researcher may submit only one publication (not a thesis or report);
  • the publication is written in Dutch or English;
  • the researcher has not obtained his/her doctorate more than three years ago at the time of the submission deadline. The researcher does not need to have obtained a PhD at the time of the submission deadline;
  • the researcher is a member of the Society for Epidemiology.

How to apply
The researcher submits the publication (as a pdf file) by e-mail to the secretariat of the Society for Epidemiology ( If the article has not yet been published, the researcher provides a proof of the date of acceptance for publication in the journal. The researcher also mentions the (probable) date of PhD dissertation.

Deadline for submission of publications for the UA publication award junior researcher is February 7, 2022.

For more information, see the procedure.

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