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VvE Poster Award 2021

The Board of the Society of Epidemiology is pleased to award the 2021 Society Poster Award to:  width=

Linda Nab

With the poster:
Mecor: An R package for measurement error correction in linear regression models with a continuous outcome

The jury, consisting of prof. dr. Joline Beulens of the Amsterdam UMC, prof. dr. Patrick Bossuyt of the Amsterdam UMC and dr. Judith Rijnhart of the Amsterdam UMC, unanimously determined the winner of the poster award. The jury judged the poster to be the best because it was a creative way of using this medium to present the content of the work concisely and in a fun way. In addition, the topic addresses an essential aspect of epidemiology, namely how to deal with and correct for measurement error.

The VvE Poster Prize 2021 was awarded on 4 June 2021 during the annual epidemiological congress the WEON, organised by the Amsterdam UMC.

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