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VvE Poster Award 2022

The Board of the Netherlands Society for Epidemiology is pleased to award the VvE Poster Award 2022 to:  width=

Sander Groen in ‘t Woud

With the poster: “Environmental risk factors for congenital solitary functioning kidney“.

The jury, consisting of Dr. Loes van der Zanden. dr. Iris Walraven and Dr. Hans Otten of Radboudumc Nijmegen, was unanimous in her vote for the winner. The winning poster has a very clear structure, a perfect balance between the amount of text and tables and an attractive layout. This layout helps the viewer to easily find the right information. Finally, there was an appealing and consistent use of colour.

The VvE Poster Award was awarded on June 10, 2022 during the annual epidemiological conference (WEON), organized by Radboudumc Nijmegen.

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