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VvE Poster Award 2023

The Board of the Netherlands Society for Epidemiology is pleased to award the VvE Poster Award 2022 to:

Brian Berghout

With the poster: “Risk of Recurrent Stroke in the General Population – The Rotterdam Study”

The jury, determined by the organizing committee of the WEON, came to the following conclusion:

“The jury really liked all posters. In the end, it was a tight race between two posters. The winning poster shows a study on stroke recurrence in a population-based cohort. Both the relevance and the  implications are clearly presented, also for non-experts, and it had a clear take-away message. In addition, it had nice graphical illustratons of the results, which are easy to interpret and self-explanatory.”

The VvE Poster Award was awarded on June 23, 2023 during the annual epidemiological conference (WEON), organized by Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

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