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VvE Student Award 2023

The Board of the Netherlands Society for Epidemiology is pleased to award the VvE Student Award 2023 to:

Tigist Demssew Adane

With the abstract: “Epigenetic clock-derived age acceleration is associated with lung function in the population-based Lifelines cohort study”

The jury consisting of: Famke Mölenberg van het Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch van het UMC Utrecht en Maike Wientjes van het Radboudumc Nijmegen came to the following decision:

“We’ve seen beautiful and impressive presentations of masterstudents on very different topics. The jury was impressed by the quality of the research, and we foresee a bright future for all nominees.

They all owned their projects but our winner was really on top of the methods and the area of expertise. We would like to congratulate Tigist Demssew Adane with her work on epigenetic clock-derived age ace el eration.”

The VvE Student Award was awarded on June 23, 2023 during the annual epidemiological conference (WEON), organized by Erasmus MC Rotterdam.

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