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Training for Epidemiologist B

Institute and place teaching programme:
Maastricht University, Maastricht
Grade to be achieved:
Recognised training programme epidemiology:
Teaching programme for epidemiologist A:
Teaching programme for epidemiologist B:
Duration teaching programme (number of EC):
Intensity teaching programme:
Parttime, Fulltime
Form of teaching programme:
Online, On campus
Language teaching programme:
Possibility to follow individual courses by externals:
Average number of starters per year:
Entry level:
Applied sciences (HBO) or MSc
Entry requirements:
1) Applied sciences (HBO) or university degree in the medical biological field; 2) the proposed doctoral research has sufficient epidemiological content. The criterion for sufficient epidemiological content is that occurrence relationships are studied in terms of etiology, diagnosis, prognostics or interventions in diseases, either epidemiological models/methods are studied resulting in at least 4 scientific articles; 3) there is a training and publication program approved by an accredited Epidemiology educator
Number of EC for core courses:
Subjects of core courses:
Introduction to Epidemiology Observational Research Intervention Research in Healthcare Advanced Statistical Analysis Techniques Clinimetrics Meta-Analysis Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
Number of EC elective courses:
Subjects elective courses:
Within Master of Epidemiology: Applied Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases. Clinical Data Science Health economic analysis/HTA Clinical Prediction Models - FHML/UM: Statistics (introduction Regression analysis and SPSS Multilevel analysis of longitudinal data. Survival analysis Linear structural models, R) Biomedical research skills (4 courses) Communication in scientific English (7 courses) Information skills (research data management Endnote Literature searches etc. Career & development courses Time management Valorization.
Duration practical internship / thesis (EC):
Characteristics teaching programme:
In addition to our internal training to become an Epidemiologist B, guidance and advice is available for preparation of a training plan and registration application for epidemiologist B aspirants from outside the Department of Epidemiology.

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