Working groups

The VvE has three working groups, all of which fall under the spearhead group Connecting:

VvE Communications Working Group
The VvE Communications Working Group plays an important role in binding and connecting the epidemiological community. The working group is concerned with communication to members (internal), future members and interested parties (external), with the aim of propagating the mission of the VvE as an organisation. The working group focuses on PR, the publication of a newsletter and the maintenance of the VvE website.

HOA Working Group WEON & HOA Prices
2018, the HOA Working Group WEON & HOA Prices was installed. The goal of this workgroup is to encourage researchers (VvE members and non-members) to participate in the WEON and the pre-conferences and to support the local organization committee of the WEON and the pre-conferences by keeping the WEON script up to date and by giving (telephone) advice. In addition, the working group coordinates the VvE prices.

VvE Working Group Junior Epidemiologists
The VvE working group Junior Epidemiologists aims to connect junior epidemiologists and promote their development. Since 2016, the working group organizes three activities annually for junior epidemiologists (students, PhD students, physician researchers, junior researchers and postdocs). These activities include workshops and symposia, with a focus on building a network of junior epidemiologists at both national and international level.

Members Communication working group

Hanne van Ballegooijen
Ellen Engelhardt (chairman VvE website)
Josien Jenniskens
Deirisa Lopes Barreto (Chairperson, Digital Epistle)
Frits van Osch (chairman PR)
Roger Schindhelm
Jonah Stunt (Chairman, Paper Epistle)
Maud Verhoeff-Jurgens
Stefan de Vogel
Lucas Wiessing

Members working group WEON & VvE prices

Nynke Smidt (chairman)
Hanne Ballegooijen
Mirjam Knol


Members of the Junior Epidemiologists Working Group

Hayat Bentouhami
Famke Mölenberg
Carel-Peter van Erpecum
Lisanne Verbruggen
Frank Wolters