Vacancy: Consultant / Project Leader

This vacancy has been recommended by the Knowledge Institute of the Federation of Medical Specialists

An organisation on the move
The Knowledge Institute of the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists is a young and rapidly growing organisation that uses its expertise to improve the quality of medical specialist care in the Netherlands. As a Knowledge Institute, we help more than 22,000 dedicated doctors in hospitals and institutions to achieve this, so that 17 million Dutch people can count on the best care in the world.

Science, policy and practice come together in the Knowledge Institute, which consists of over 70 professionals. From this broad basis, we can advise and assist the scientific associations of medical specialists in setting up and implementing a quality policy and related instruments, such as guidelines, quality assessment, quality measurement and decision aids. We also support them in developing knowledge agendas and setting up integrated quality policies.

Questions that scientific associations have include: What is the added value of a new treatment compared to current practice? What makes a good group of medical specialists and how can other groups learn from them? What are the most important topics for applied scientific research that can improve care in the short term?

To strengthen our team we are looking for a:

Advisor / Project Leader
32-40 hours per week

Your contribution to the healthcare field
Within the Knowledge Institute you will work on various quality projects. This may involve the development of guidelines or the design and implementation of quality visits, but also the development of knowledge agendas or products for patients. You will be part of a team of consultants. Each team has a focus area (e.g. oncology, surgical process or cognition/behaviour).

Your duties will be diverse, for example:

  • Setting up and implementing projects in the field of quality of medical-specialist care. You will play a role in acquiring projects and preparing project proposals and budgets. As project leader you are responsible for your own projects.
  • Guideline development: you support the process of guideline development, and you also take care of the systematic literature analyses. On the one hand, this means monitoring progress, organising meetings, advising working groups and maintaining contact with working group members (medical specialists and other healthcare professionals) with regard to writing texts. On the other hand, you are responsible for the methodological assessment of the scientific literature: you advise on the formulation of the questions and the selection of the literature; in addition, you take care of the systematic summary and evaluation of the scientific evidence. You discuss these results with the working group.
  • Quality assessment: in this context, you will advise scientific associations on the design of peer review and on improving the way in which quality assessments are carried out. One example is the development of instruments for the quality reviews of a particular scientific association. This also includes the supervision of quality visits. You will support a committee of two or three medical specialists during a site visit, help to identify areas for improvement and write up the whole as a good recommendation. In addition, you will give training sessions, together with an experienced trainer, in which you will teach new visitors the basics of quality assessment.
  • In developing knowledge agendas, you will support scientific associations in identifying and prioritizing important questions for research in the field of care evaluation.
  • Products for patients include consultation cards or other decision aids, or information for patients based on the guidelines. You will mainly play a coordinating role in this.

We offer training courses to further strengthen your personal skills, for example in the areas of time management, systematic summarisation of scientific literature and advisory skills. There are also opportunities to visit (international) conferences.

As a consultant you will function as project leader of a project after an introductory period. Depending on your development, you will work on increasingly complex projects. You will be coached step-by-step by a senior advisor. If you are more experienced, you will also coach new colleagues on projects.

A professional with an analytical mind
For this position we are looking for a proactive, analytical and social colleague. You should preferably have a PhD and know how to translate scientific developments into practice. You are a good methodologist and/or have experience with quality of care and quality improvement. You can work well together with medical specialists and colleagues and you have strong communication skills, both verbal and written (Dutch and English). In addition, you learn quickly and master new topics in the field of quality of care.

During the selection of the candidates we pay further attention to the following points:

  • Completed (bio) medical training (medicine, health sciences, or comparable training);
  • Knowledge and experience in the field of epidemiology and research methods and/or in the field of quality of care and quality improvement;
  • Experience with project-based work and with leading projects;
  • Approximately 3 years of relevant work experience.

A total package
Working for the Knowledge Institute offers more than just an excellent package of primary and secondary benefits. You will work with social and enthusiastic colleagues in a pleasant, informal environment. There is a lot of attention for personal development. The salary depends on level and experience.

Information and application
Information about the position can be requested from Irina Mostovaya, senior advisor/team leader, tel 06 51 45 18 79 (
) or from Margreet Pols, deputy director, tel 06 13 34 84 09 (
). We look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible, but no later than September 20. You can apply via the following link:

Mediation and acquisition by third parties or freelancers is not used and will not be responded to.