Vacancy: PhD student

This vacancy has been advertised by the Amsterdam UMC.

Project: Towards patient-led follow-up after curative treatment of cancer’. Personalizing follow-up after curative treatment for colorectal cancer through health-economic modeling.

The project consists of two work packages. Work package 1 is led by Prof. dr. Hans de Wilt (Radboud University Medical Center) and will consist of a cluster randomized trial investigating patient-led home-based follow-up compared to hospital-based follow-up? Work package 2 is led by Dr. Veerle Coupé (Amsterdam UMC) and will focus on risk-based follow-up strategies to optimize one-size-fits-all follow-up. As a PhD student, you will analyze and synthesize data from the Netherlands Cancer Registry, data from the Dutch Prospective Colorectal Cancer Cohort and data from the RCT in workpackage 1, developing survival models and building a health-economic microsimulation model. To identify optimal risk-based follow-up strategies, you will simulate multiple risk-based follow-up strategies, projecting long-term effects of follow-up on survival, cost, and cost-effectiveness.

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Date of placement: 02-11-2021