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Pre conference: Educate for the future – Lifelong learning in epidemiology

Wednesday June 8, 2022


Iris van Rooij, Rolf Groenwold, Michiel de Boer & Maud Verhoef-Jurgens (VvE spearhead group Education),
Femmie de Vegt (Radboudumc) & Noha El-Baz (UMCG)

The preconference on teaching epidemiology will focus on lifelong learning in epidemiology. Becoming an epidemiology professional is more than just following epidemiology courses, as skills and professional performance will develop through practice-based learning.

We have invited Prof. Lia Flute, professor of person centered and innovative learning and working in healthcare at Radboudumc, to introduce the concepts of lifelong learning and ‘adaptive expertise’. The latter is a broad construct that encompasses a range of cognitive, motivational and personality-related components. A distinguishing feature of adaptive expertise is the ability to apply knowledge effectively to novel problems. It requires interprofessional collaboration, team diversity and a safe learning environment, in which professionals can be appropriately trained.

There will be two examples from epidemiology programs concerning lifelong learning and professionalism in epidemiology, by dr. ir. Cora Bustra (Wageningen University) and dr. ir. Natalie Terzikhan (Erasmus MC & NIHES Rotterdam).

After a break we will discuss in small groups on topics concerning adaptive expertise, professionalism and practice-based learning.

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