Dutch Cancer Epidemiology Group (DCEG), a working group of the VvE
September 2022

Info DCEG:
Name: Prof. Dr. L.A. (Bart) Kiemeney
Institute: Radboud university medical center, Dept. for Health Evidence
Position: Chair of the Dept. for Health Evidence
Email: Bart.Kiemeney@radboudumc.nl
Phone number: +31 (0)24 3613745, +31 (0)24 8186805

Name: Dr. H.W.G. (Jeroen) Derksen
Institute: University Medical Center Utrecht, Div. Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care, Dept. of Cancer Epidemiology
Position: Postdoctoral Researcher
Email: H.W.G.Derksen-2@umcutrecht.nl
Phone number: +31 (0)6 31118185

Uniting Cancer Epidemiologists, and join forces to stimulate interaction, increase mutual transparency in grant acquisition and local science policy, provide training, and facilitate peer-review and collaboration to improve (research into) cancer prevention, control and survivorship.


  • Increase the number of successful grant applications through mutual review of draft applications.
  • Stimulate transparency in grant acquisition and creation of national grant programs with common research aims without mutual competition (e.g. NWA, KWF).


  • Position our community of epidemiologists working in the field of cancer research in the Netherlands and increase global visibility.
  • Strengthen the network and community of Cancer Epidemiologists by inspiring each other through informal visitations of our institutes, excursions, (international) presentations, joined grant proposals and peer-review opportunities.
  • Exchange experiences with, for example, the use of certain registers, trusted third parties, foreign grant possibilities, as well as foreign partners.
  • Represent the field of Cancer Epidemiology for policy advice, advocacy, media and funding agencies in the field of e.g. infrastructure and regulations.


  • Facilitate inter-institutional internship programs for Epidemiology students.
  • Develop inventory of training needs and possibilities to connect with research groups to develop educational content or facilitate courses as guest lectures.
  • Develop layman’s knowledge modules for journalist and other stakeholders to increase distinction between fake and real news and improve knowledge dissemination.